Steps to Check and Fix Mondopad Browser Admin Webpage 404 Error

Loron Gibson -

1. The first thing to do is see if the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager is running. From the Windows Desktop start menu enter “IIS”. If the IIS service is running the Start menu will display “Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager”.

2. If it does not show up then from the Windows Desktop Start menu type “Windows Features” then select “Turn Windows features on or off”.

3. Look down the list for “Internet Information Services” then check the box.


4. Now expand the Internet Information Services field to show the subcategories then expand “Security”. Make sure that Basic Authentication and Windows Authentication are both checked.


5. Now looking at the main list again make sure that “Internet Informational Services Hostable Web Core” is checked as well. Once this is checked you can close the Windows Features window.

6. Next is to check the IIS Manager Default Website settings. From the Windows Desktop start menu type “IIS” then select “Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager”. This brings up the application program.

7. Once the IIS Manager is opened Expand the “Connections” tab on the left side then expand “Sites” and highlight “Default Web Site”. Once highlighted select the “Advanced Settings” on the right side of the application

8. This should bring up the following screen then make sure the settings match as shown below


9. Now launch the Admin Browser from the Desktop and the Mondopad Admin page login should now appear. 


Updated 03-28-2017

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