Service Information Notice: MP 2.2.08 Release Notes for WIN10 & WIN7 installations

Loron Gibson -


We recently released an updated version of the Mondopad Suite of Applications version 2.2.08 for both WIN10 and WIN7 installations.

This is available as a software update for those customers that have a current valid MP SW license.



Provide a common feature and bug fix release to both WIN10 and WIN7 customers.


Release Notes:

Mondopad Software v2.2.08.1
Release Notes 


New version of Mondopad software is now available for ALL Mondopads. 

Supported Platforms: 

This software update is an over the air update for all PC Modules and OS versions.  It applies to both Windows 7 and Windows 10 as well as 1080p and 4K.


For Windows 10, the new version is an update to v2.2.06.

For Windows 7, the new version is an update to v2.0.03

Major Changes for Windows 10 Users (Upgrade from v2.2.06): 

  • Whiteboard: Improved drawing performance
  • Whiteboard: Added four whiteboard eraser size options 
  • Whiteboard: Added ability to configure default pen/highlighter/eraser behavior 
  • System: Users can now enable/disable all of the Mondopad apps including Whiteboard and Casting creating a unique and simpler experience.
  • Video Meeting: Added option to configure different connections via 2 separate NIC Cards 
  • View & Share: Renamed “View & Share” to “Documents” 
  • Many bug fixes 

Major Changes for Windows 7 Users (Upgrade from v2.0.03): 

Includes Major Changes for Windows 10 Users plus the following:

  • Added option to automatically save whiteboard and annotation data
  • Added the capability in whiteboard to erase by touched points
  • Added the capability to use Presentation Remote (Keys) to navigate through PowerPoint presentations
  • Updated for latest IOS10 Airplay support
  • Added H323 native support 
  • This release supports Mondopad 1080p and 4K displays.
  • Added the capability to use Video Meeting module on secondary screen.  
  • Added Japanese into Mondopad.
  • Enabled user conduct search in chromium browser URL field.
  • Added feature to go through multiple pages in documents by using flick touch gesture.  
  • Redirect user to Chromium browser when user tries to access sites not compatible with Mondopad IE browser (including Google map and other Google Services).
  • Many bug fixes
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