LightCast Software Upgrade Instructions (OTA Image)

Loron Gibson -

These instructions can be used to upgrade your JTouch panel LightCast device to a newer version of software.   

Upgrade using USB storage device (Available on all products)

  1. Download the latest version of the specific JTouch models LightCast Update ZIP file from the InFocus Support website.
  2. Copy the downloaded update ZIP file to the root folder of An “FAT” formatted USB drive.
  3. Insert this USB storage device into appropriate USB slot on the panel device.
  4. Apply the power to the device and switch to the LightCast source.
  5. From the LightCast application, select the Gear ICON which takes you into the Settings screen.
  6. Select the “System and Security” tab then select “Firmware Update”.
  7. Select “SD Card/USB” then highlight the LightCast Update file on your USB drive then select “OK”.
  8. Finally confirm that you want to perform the update by selecting “Update”.
  9. The device will restart (screen will go blank for a few seconds then “Installing system update” appears onscreen.
  10. Wait for the process to complete the update then it will reboot into the updated LightCast screen


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