Mondopad to Mondopad Discovery

Loron Gibson -

Service Informational Notice: Mondopad to Mondopad Discovery



Unable to see any other Mondopads on the same network when selecting the Mondopad to Mondopad invite ICON (Double Monitor) in upper left side of the Mondopad application



Mondopad Discovery requires that the network they are connected to is setup with network discovery “On”



Solution is to enable Network Discovery on their Mondopad connected devices on their network in Windows.


For their specific network they should go into the Control Panel -> All Control Panel items -> Network and Sharing -> Advanced Sharing settings


Then make sure that Network sharing is enabled (On) as shown below is two screen shots showing this depending on whether they are on the default network or Guest/Public.


Do not enable network sharing on the Guest/Public unless their Mondopads are running on those.




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