PTZ Camera Skype for Business

Devin Connelly -

Some may experience issues when attempting to use INA-PTZ-3 or INA-PTZ-4 with Skype for Business. It has been discovered that versions of Skype for Business prior to 2016 exhibit issues in recognizing the cameras. The software is able to see the camera in Skype Video Settings, but fails to initialize it during any video call.

If there are issues using PTZ cameras with Skype for Business, ensure Skype for Business 2016 or later is installed. If Skype for Business was included with a copy of Microsoft Office, Modify/Change the Microsoft Office installation to remove Skype for Business, then seek the standalone installation of Skype for Business Basic from Microsoft. This will allow Skype for Business 2016 or later to run alongside Microsoft Office 2013 or earlier.


-DC 2017-08-17

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