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Replacing the projection lamp

The lamp light near the power button turns on when the lamp life is low. When the expected lamp life has been reached, the Low Lamp symbol appears on the screen.


• To avoid burns, allow the projector to cool for at least 60 minutes before you replace the lamp.

• Unplug the power cord before replacing the lamp.

• Do not drop the lamp module. The glass may shatter and cause injury.

• Do not touch the glass lamp screen. Fingerprints can obscure projection sharpness.

• Be extremely careful when removing the lamp housing. In the unlikely event that the lamp ruptures, small glass fragments may be generated. The lamp module is designed to contain most of these fragments, but use caution when removing it. Before replacing a ruptured lamp, clean the lamp compartment and dispose of cleaning materials. Wash hands after lamp replacement. Hg – Lamp contains mercury. Manage in accordance with local disposal laws. See

NOTE: You can order new lamp housings from (in select areas), your retailer or your dealer. Use only a replacement lamp with the same type and rating as the original lamp.

1 Turn off the projector and unplug the power cable.

2 Wait 60 minutes to allow the projector to cool thoroughly.

3 Turn the projector upside down and remove the lamp door by depressing the 2 tabs and lifting the door off.

4 Loosen the captive screw on the lamp module.

5 Detach the lamp connector from the projector by gently squeezing the connector and pulling it until it is disconnected from the projector.

6 Carefully remove the lamp module by lifting it out. Dispose of the lamp in an environmentally proper manner.

7 Install the new lamp module, making sure that it is properly seated. Be careful not to touch the interior components of the projector.

8 Re-attach the lamp connector to the projector. Make sure the connector is fully inserted.

9 Tighten the screw on the lamp module.

10 Replace the lamp door.

11 Plug in the power cord. To initialize the new lamp, make sure the projector is turned off, but plugged in, then press the following keys on the projector’s keypad in this order: Brightness+ Volume+ Input  Volume-

The Lamp LED will blink 3 times to confirm initialization. Press Power to turn the projector on.

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