INF5720 Shell Update 1.8.11

Jeremiah Barkman -

The new 57” Mondopad is having a licensing problem with the Mondopad Shell V. 1.8.11. Don’t instruct customers to update the shell for the INF5720 until 1.8.12 is available. In the meantime the shell update service will  be down to prevent new 57” owners inadvertently experiencing  licensing problems. However this also means none of our customers will be able to update to 1.8.11. If you get a call about updating a Mondopad other than a INF5720, direct them to this Dropbox. Inform 57” owners that we will be restoring the update server with Mondopad Shell 1.8.12 by the end of next week and they should wait until then to update Shell.


1.8.12 will support all Mondopads.

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