SIP settings for InFocus MVP100

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InFocus MVP100 is a SIP based phone that supports RFC3261-compliant phones that are running SIP from third-party companies. InFocus MVP1000 has been BroadSoft validated which means it is interoperability with most SIP infrastructures. This guide describes how to manually configure MVP100 with third-party SIP Infrastructure and SIP service providers.


Address (SIP URI address): Input your SIP URI address assign by your SIP provider or network administrator (e.g. Note: Make sure to add full SIP URI with @ sign for phone to register.

Display Name: The display name is the name used by the phone when calling to another unit. 

Transport: The transport field sets the signaling transport protocol used by the SIP provider.

Proxy Mode: The Proxy mode is to tell the system how to configure outbound proxy; “Auto” and “Manual”. 

Auto mode: In this mode, the unit automatically retrieves the proxy address from the domain name of the SIP address by SRV records and registers to the nearest available proxy. The Proxy address fields can be left empty in this mode.

Manual mode: In this mode, the Proxy addresses are the required fields and must be filled.

Proxy Address: Input the outbound proxy address assign by your SIP provider or network administrator.

SIP Security: The SIP security allows the device to make a secure connection to the proxy server so that all signaling can be encrypted. By turning this option to ON, the system will provide a secure communications between the phone and the proxy. (Ask your SIP provider if they support this feature before turning it ON)

Media Encryption (SRTP- Secure Real-time Transport Protocol): By turning the “SIP Security” to “ON” as well as changing the “Media Encryption” to “Best Effort”, then the phone will provide (offer) encryption to the far end unit, and if it is accepted, then the audio, video and signaling encryption will be achieved during the communication.  

Note: The white secure lock icon by the preview window will indicate that the call is in the secure mode and the media streams are encrypted.

Username: Input your SIP user authentication. This is to authenticate with your SIP proxy

Password: Input your SIP user password. The password is provided by the system administrator and in most cases it is a required field.

Note: You can tell whether or not your phone has registered successfully to SIP proxy by checking SIPURI information on the top right corner of the screen. If ID is shown in RED color, the unit is not registered and if it is in GREEN color, then the unit is registered successfully.





Tested SIP Providers:

Onsip sip2sip Jive

Tested SIP Infrastructure:

Cisco Tandberg VCS


Edgewater Networks Avistar Call Control

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