Basic Wireshark Packet Capture & Log File Colection Instructions for Mondopad

Jeremiah Barkman -


  1. Minimize the Mondopad shell so that you can get to the Windows Desktop. You can do this by going to the Mondpopad shell Admin page and enabling the minimize button. When you save after enabling you can then use the minimize button in the upper right corner to get to Windows.
  2. Download and install the Wireshark windows installer (64-bit) from the Wireshark website using Internet Explorer or Chrome.
  3. Make sure during the install process you also install the required “WinPcap” driver. Leave the auto start WinPcap driver checked.
  4. Once installed, start the Wireshark application. Then select the Interface List. This will open a list of available network interfaces. Check the one that is the active LAN. You can see activity on a given interface in the packets column. Don’t select the wireless network interface unless the Mondopad is using wireless as its internet connection (If the interface list is blank, try running Wireshark as an administrator).                
  5. Once you have selected the interface to capture from, click start. This will begin the capture of packets.
  6. Go back to the Mondopad application on the Windows tool bar. Start a video call as normal. Let the call continue for approx. fifteen seconds.
  7. End the call and minimize the Mondopad application again.
  8. Go to the Wireshark application and end the capture by pressing the red stop button in the upper left side of the window. (If no packets were captured, you have likely selected the wrong interface. Go to step three and start again.)  
  9. Then select “File” and “Save”. Make sure that the filename identifies the specific Mondopad and/or location to avoid confusion with other capture files.
  10. Check the box to compress with GZIP and save with appropriate filename.  Additionally you may need to get the Mondopad’s diagnostic log files. This will provide even more information for diagnosing problems. Follow these steps to retrieve the logs using the log collection utility.
    1. Exit the Mondopad shell.
    2. On the left side of the screen you will find “Mondopad Log Collection Utility”. Double click on it.
    3. Click on the Mondopad image as instructed by the application. It can take several minutes to collect up all the various logs.
    4. When it’s finished, the application will display the below window. Click the close button. 
    5. The logs will be zipped up and placed in a folder on the desktop labeled “Mondopad Logs”.
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