Chrome 42 and Infocus Software (121 and ConX)

Jeremiah Barkman -




Explanation - With the release of Chrome 42 Google has disabled a set of plug-ins originally written by Netscape to allow software to interface with the browser. In order for the 121 and the ConX software to function properly these plug-ins need to be turned back on.


 1.  From the Chrome browser window Enter “chrome://flags/#enable-npapi” without the quotes into the address bar and press enter as seen in the below snapshot.



2.  Locate the Enable NPAPI section and verify that it’s enabled as seen below.


3. Close the browser window.

4.  Launch Browser and attempt to make call again.

5.  If the plug in is blocked by chrome you will receive a notification indicating that action is required to unblock the plug-in.

6.  In the top right corner of the screen click on the Icon with the red X as seen below


7.  You will see the following screen


8.  Select “Always allow”

9.  Click done and your connection will continue.

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