H323 and the Mondopad

Jeremiah Barkman -

H323 Dialing from the Mondopad

  1. If you are using a Mondopad running Mondopad Shell 2.0 beta 2 to connect to a H323 device, you will need the external IP address of the non-InFocus H323 video conferencing system.
  2. From the Video Call feature in the Mondopad Shell, select the call type dropdown and choose H323.
  3. Enter the IP address of the system you want to call in the phone number field.
  4. Now touch the left side of the call type button (With the phone receiver and the H). This will call the entered IP address.

H323 Call Receiving from the Mondopad

To receive calls from H323 devices, the Mondopad must have 121 InFocus.net service.

The H.323 device calls the number below based on the caller's location:

For Cisco (Tandberg) devices

  • US: ‹SIP extension›@
  • EU: ‹SIP extension›@
  • Asia: ‹SIP extension›@

For Polycom, LifeSize, AVer, Sony...plus many others

  • US: ## ‹SIP extension›
  • EU: ## ‹SIP extension›
  • Asia: ## ‹SIP extension›
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