No Audio output from Mondopad/BigTouch

Jeremiah Barkman -


Customer running Windows 7 on Mondopad and Windows 8.x/Windows 10 on BigTouch model INF7011-3/INF7011AG-3 updates Windows Intel HD Graphics driver thru Windows Updates and digital audio device (listed as "INF-DISPLAY" in Playback Devices) disappears.



Panel EDID issue with New Intel HD 4600 Graphics Driver. The new driver requires Extended EDID info with WIN7/WIN8.x/WIN10 but old panel firmware gives abbreviated EDID info. Updating the panel firmware programs the extended EDID info into the panel.

This issue is present on the following panel part numbers:

  • INF7011_3, INF7011AG_3, INF7021_3 & INF7021AG_3
  • INF5711_3, INF5711AG_1, INF5720_3 & INF5720AG_3



For WIN7/8.x roll back driver or Update Panel Firmware as a last resort.

For WIN10 requires panel firmware upgrade:

  • INF7011_3, INF7011AG_3, INF7021_3 & INF7021AG_3 (Requires Version 1.6 firmware file “INFOCUS_70_WV1.6_E552(LH power)20151112.hex”)
  • INF5711_3, INF5711AG_1, INF5720_3 & INF5720AG_3 (Requires Version WV2 firmware file “INFOCUS_57_WV2_A866(LH power)20151112.hex”)
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