Antivirus on Mondopad

Devin Connelly -

As a Windows PC, many users will use antivirus software on the Mondopad. Some antivirus software solutions are more aggressive than others, resulting in false-positive threat detection in the Mondopad software. We ask users to add exceptions to their antivirus software's policies for the following folders:

C:\zoos (including all subfolders)
C:\InFocus (including all subfolders)

This should prevent the antivirus software from detecting any false-positive threats within the Mondopad software. If this is not done, the antivirus software may quarantine or delete crucial application files, causing errors when attempting to use the Mondopad software.

If a user is installing Mondopad software on their own copy of Windows, we ask that they either disable the antivirus software or refrain from installing it until after the Mondopad software installation is complete.

Some users use a network-level antiviral firewall. These have been known to block Mondopad software updates from downloading. These users should add an exception for the following domain: (including all subpages)


-DC 20180405

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