Mondopad Release Notes

Loron Gibson -

April 10, 2018
Document Scope
The following document provides detailed information about the Mondopad software suite update, version This document only describes differences between this version and the previous public release, v2.4.04.
Supported Platforms:
Mondopads that either shipped with Microsoft Windows 7, 10 or upgraded to Windows 10. This version does not support Windows 8/8.1.
Supported Hardware:
Assuming the specific hardware shipped or upgraded to Windows 10, this release is applicable to the following Mondopad models.
• INF5520
• INF5520a
• INF5522AG
• INF5720
• INF6521
• INF6522
• INF7021
• INF7023
• INF8021
• INF8022
• INF8521
User Access
This version of the software is available through the Mondopad built-in software update mechanism. Administrators of Mondopads whose software update URL is set to the following address will be notified of this new version.
Mondopad administrators must invoke Update from either the Extra’s About screen or the
Software Update tab in the Mondopad Administrators web pages.
Major Changes Since v2.4.04:
• Dual Screen: added ability to minimize one Mondopad shell in Windows 10 Dual
Screen setting. User can now access Windows desktop and applications while still
running Mondopad on the other screen.
• Browser: added support for Google Apps in Mondopad (Chromium) browser. Changed
the default browser to Chromium for all i7 Mondopads.
• Video Meeting: added option to set and apply PTZ camera presets in Video Meeting.
• System: improved HotSpot functionality in Windows 10.
• System: improved On Screen Keyboard usage.
• Browser: improved browser text fields behavior.
• System: Added user data tracking support for Mondopad.
• Casting: improved use of Magewell USB HDMI Capture dongle in dual screen
• Documents: improved use of Excel spreadsheets on 4K Mondopad panels.
• Documents: improved use of Word documents when annotating (Windows 10 only).
• System: improved top bar behavior for IP address after Mondopad wakes up from
• System: added Windows OS and build version information in Mondopad About and
Home page for support team.
• Whiteboard: removed the invite button from MP Whiteboard as it is no longer
supported by modern browsers.
• Whiteboard: Added 2018/2019 calendar backgrounds.
• Many other bug fixes and code optimizations.

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